Seeking out and acting on regular feedback are critical elements of a Growth Mindset, enabling us to realise our full potential and grow faster in our careers.

Yet leaders rarely seek honest feedback, don’t receive much of it, and don’t feel comfortable offering it.  This is revealed in several studies, including those undertaken by Kouzes & Posner and Zenger & Folkman.  These findings can be extrapolated to individuals and teams more generally.

TAPPL uncovers areas for professional growth and career development that other forms of feedback and management struggle to unlock. 

  • When deployed as an enterprise solution for teams, TAPPL rapidly and inexpensively unlocks the conversations that teams can have about performance and ways of working, uncovering dynamics that are otherwise difficult to address.

  • Because it is transparent and accessible, TAPPL members gain insights into the way other team members work, enabling collaboration to be informed and considered.

  • Members of TAPPL find that they can provide insights about their team members that would otherwise be too difficult to offer.

  • Access to feedback through TAPPL puts our members in a better position to develop as professionals, perform within teams, and get their next jobs.

Growth doesn’t wait for the annual 360 review cycle.  Because TAPPL is a growth tool that is always on and always available, it captures data and insights at key moments of truth in the development of teams.

 We want to help create no-nonsense workplaces where doing good and getting better is what matters most. Sound like your kind of workplace? Get Tappling.

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