Posted by - Crispino Santamaria

As successful companies continue to expand, exploring new regions and markets at a fast pace, we have the joy of working more and more with colleagues or teams members from different cultural backgrounds. The best companies are deeply inclusive and this can be an advantage to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. Here in Australia this extends to a deeper understanding of our First Nations people and their culture. Embracing and learning from the the wisdom of the world’s longest surviving culture is an extraordinary untapped opportunity, as Belong CEO Ben Burge described so humbly in a recent blog.

Multicultural teams help in providing better contextual service through cultural awareness, and can assist in new market penetration and product knowledge. Nintex, a fast growing technology firm, prides itself in employing a diverse workforce and recognises it to be a major part of their success. Nintex lists seven benefits of having cultural diversity in your company which helps in a better career development and work atmosphere for colleagues (not to mention better office treats and snacks!).

Challenges faced by multicultural teams

Although there are many perks to having multicultural teams the challenges a need to be addressed. Some problems often faced by managers include forms of
communication and their interpretation, conflicting perceptions of the same
situation, understanding foreign accents, cultural differences and organisational
structure. The right strategy and tools can help overcome these challenges.

Is there a blueprint to unlocking these challenges?

Well the answer is NO. While The Forbes council offer nine effective approaches to managing multicultural teams we mustn’t forget that these teams are not only made up of different individuals but also different personalities. While we agree that these approaches can help align teams with effective leadership it is essential to choose the right team members in the first place.

Multicultural teams serve as the backbone to carry out huge international projects and require a certain level of maturity and understanding. It is important that organisations select and develop members who are well equipped and skilled to understand the role and face the challenges it brings. While interviewing employees it may be difficult for employers to fully assess the ability of individuals to work in multicultural teams. And this is where Tappl provides the ideal solution to the hiring problems of the recruiters.

The Game changer

Tappl is a successfully tested platform that provides a market-based assessment of a person’s capabilities and their capacity to be effective in a role and within a team. We do this by helping you to give, receive and respond to feedback regularly, harnessing the insights of all the people you work with. Through this platform you can access colleagues and team members based on their profile, Tappl types and reviews from previous team members. Based on your skills and strengths Tappl helps you select the job suited to your personality and skill. The easy to use interface makes the experience all the more fun and enjoyable. To know more click the tab below.