The gift of effective, regular feedback


We all know that honest, clear and constructive feedback is critical for becoming more effective as individuals, progressing our careers, and for building high performing teams.   

However, effective feedback is not always easy to give or receive – we all hold nuggets of wisdom about our colleagues, yet we seldom find the means to impart this wisdom.

At TAPPL, we want you to accelerate your careers, together. We do this by helping you to give, receive and respond to feedback regularly, harnessing the insights of all the people you work with.

Why? Because we know that seeking out and acting on regular feedback are critical elements of a Growth Mindset, enabling us to realise our full potential.  Click here to learn more.

TAPPL is working with leading practitioners and academics, to provide expert advice on how you can build and promote your strengths, and grow through those areas that need development.